“I was always tired and run down with an uncomfortable “heavy” feeling.  Working with Ryan made me feel vibrant and alive again.  Ryan provided all the guidance and support I needed to make healthy changes to both my lifestyle and nutritional needs. She made it so easy to incorporate healthy living to my daily hectic life.  This program changed my life and mindset for the better and got me back to basics with veggies, fruit, nuts and grains.  I feel so good and my body responded so positively, that the changes in my life and diet seemed almost effortless.  It’s a new way of life and I feel too good to ever choose to go back to my old ways.” — Stephanie P., Virginia

“I am so grateful for your support with your words of encouragement and also your grace from the very beginning of our connecting. Your words really were what I needed to hear.  It was a very difficult week.  This was harder than the trying times with the breast cancer diagnosis.  I appreciate your grace and understanding more than you can imagine.”–G.Z., Alabama

“I took the 21 Day Jump Start to Healthier Eating program from Ryan  in the summer right before my vacation at the beach.  I had become a vegetarian 18 months prior, but I was not making good, healthy food choices.  Ryan introduced me to new recipes that were actually easy and  fun to make and delicious to eat.  I became acquainted with kale and arugula and prior to the program didn’t even know what those vegetables were!  Kale is so good! I like it both raw and cooked and I can’t believe I have gone without it all my life!  Ryan’s sessions with me were by phone which were really convenient due to my daily commute. The sessions were tailored to my needs and she always had great tips, solutions and suggestions to any question or difficulty I had.  I felt like Ryan was always there to cheer me on–I even would text her photos of the recipes I had made.  One of the amazing changes Ryan was able to help me with was giving up sodas.  I drank a minimum of six cans of diet soda a day and I would get nervous if my supply at home was getting low. I even kept a case in my car for my commute. I wasn’t sure I could stick to the program if it meant I had to give up my diet soda.  Ryan asked me the first week to cut down to just 4 cans a day.  Amazingly, by the end of the second week I drank my last diet soda.  It really wasn’t that hard to give up!  As I started eating the healthy whole foods and eliminated the processed foods, the sodas started to take on an odd taste to me. Suddenly water was quenching my thirst and I used to claim that diet cola was the only thirst quencher for me.  I am happy to say that I have not had a soda since mid-June 2011 and have amazed my friends and family who were used to seeing me with a soda in my hand throughout the day!  I highly recommend the 21 Day Jump Start program.  It will change the way you think and feel about the food you put in your body!” –Jane L., Virginia